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It’s a great time to reflect on lessons learned from education experts so far this year.

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We’ve rounded up the best bits of advice and insights from education experts from the past year.

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An education expert on why professional development needs structure

Education expert Steve Ventura knows about effective teacher professional development.

Founder of Advanced Collaborative Solutions and author of “Engaged Instruction: Thriving Classrooms in the Age of Common Core,” the former teacher and superintendent is well-versed in how teachers can grow through collaboration.

Here’s what Steve Ventura said about how to make the most of your teacher PD.

photo of education expert Steve Ventura with quote "Stop watering down PLCs. Stick to the protocols" for post about PLC protocols

“Really good PLCs follow protocols consistently”
-Steve Ventura
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“A program will never have as much impact as teacher practice. … Professional development should be about staff, not stuff.”
-Steve Ventura
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Fostering positive teacher well-being and school culture

What do the Global Director of Growth Coaching International and the Auckland Stonefields School Founding Principal have in common?

They both know how important it is for teachers to prioritize their well-being. Here’s what Principal Sarah Martin and Christian van Nieuwerburgh noted about teacher positivity and school culture:

image of Christian van Nieuwerburgh for post about teacher mental health with text "Happy teachers need more than happy thoughts"

“We want teachers to look after themselves because that allows them to look after others better.”
-Christian van Nieuwerburgh
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“As a leader, the deliberate work on our organizational culture just can’t be left to chance.”
-Sarah Martin
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Listening is key to effective teacher coaching

Love Teach Bless founder Nita Creekmore and Professor of Education Megan Tschannen-Moran are both very familiar with teacher coaching. The keys to successful coaching: listening and asking questions.

Here’s what the two said instructional coaches and anyone who supports teachers must do.

education expert Nita Creekmore: "Coaches, Stop fixing, start listening"

“Our primary job as coaches is to ask powerful questions that get people to reflect and to think deeply about their own work in order to discover their own answers.”
-Megan Tschannen-Moran
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“Expansive listening is about empowering [teachers] and being a thought partner.”
-Nita Creekmore
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