Edthena makes teacher growth visible, backed by data

Discover Conversation-Level Trends

Our patented approach to categorizing and tagging comments helps teachers quickly identify the actions that drive student engagement and learning.

But giving feedback is just the first step… looking at the bigger picture over time pushes you and your teachers to the next level.

Edthena automatically surfaces meaning from your free-form comments in a dashboard-style view using the tags used during the video analysis process.

How Edthena Video Coaching Works

01 Record

Teachers record their lessons using any video camera or software, including Zoom

02 Share

Teachers upload video and securely share to a group within your organization

03 Analyze

Teachers and their colleagues add feedback with timestamped comments

Complete coaching management system

Create cycles of learning, timeframes for collaboration, and more

Customized to your standards

Utilize your professional frameworks as part of video analysis and goal setting

Goal setting and tracking

Teachers can set next-step goals and document the impact on learning

Interactive data dashboards

Measure changes in teacher practice with teacher, group, and organization dashboards

Gates Foundation METx Video Library

Access more than 2,100 classroom examples to kickstart learning

Build custom learning modules

Design skill-focused learning events, aligned to standards, and replicate across your organization

Reliable video recording and uploading

Upload from any platform or device, and even use videos from Chromebooks and Zoom-teaching

Blur and trim videos

Teachers can edit their videos with just a few clicks

Video coaching puts teachers in the driver's seat of their professional learning

Hear how school leaders are using Edthena Video Coaching to give teachers ownership over their own growth and development.
Edthena has solved the problem of giving teachers choice of what they want us to see and what feedback they want to get from us. Valerie Minor
Professional Development Coordinator
The bonus to Edthena is the ability to embed questions and thoughts right there in the video.Billie
Instructional Technology Supervisor
Video helps teachers see themselves as students do.

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