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Teachers' Needs At The Center

We build solutions for teachers

We want to make it easier for every educator to continually increase their effectiveness.

This means teachers and their experience are first on our list when we design solutions. We’ll often build the harder technical solution if it’s easier to use for teachers, better for their professional learning, and, ultimately, positive for their students.

Tech You Can Trust

We offer reliable video tools

If teachers can’t get their videos online, then the rest of what we do doesn’t matter.

This means designing recording and uploading tools that work on all device platforms—even Chromebooks. This means anticipating momentary Internet dropouts on a school network and planning for accidents like closing a laptop mid-upload.

Reliability is something we track and want to talk about: across all teachers, all device types, all bandwidths, and all lengths of video, our success rate on the first attempt to get a video online is greater than 99%.

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Your Comfort Matters

We create a safe place to ask for help

We understand that a level of trust and safety is required in order for teachers to feel comfortable gathering evidence from their classrooms.

This is why everything within Edthena defaults to private and remains private until shared by a teacher. There are no organization superusers who can see teachers’ videos and reflections without explicit permission, and all reporting respects this expectation of privacy.

We even make it easy for all teachers to ask us for help with robust help and technical support resources.

Keeping The Goal In Mind

We value outcomes over activity

Both in how we operate internally and how we help our partners measure their success, we focus on outcomes.

We are energized by asking and answering questions about what changed, not just how much of something happened. This drives us to think creatively about data that can drive decision making for teachers, their coaches, and organization leaders.

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Depend On Us

We deliver what we promise

We recognize that when educators choose Edthena, they are depending on us.

Telling the truth about exactly how we can help you is fundamental to our successful partnerships with education organizations. We’ll only promise you what we can truly deliver, and we’ll tell you “no” when it’s not possible to match your timelines or expectations.

It's About Growth

We ask for feedback and adapt

We build tools for self-reflection and professional growth, and we try to practice what we preach.

We record ourselves internally to get better at our own work, and we ask for feedback from partners on how we can improve. We listen, and we change our course to meet your evolving needs.

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Our north star is that the teachers are the biggest lever for impact on student learning, so our tools must enable their success.

- Adam Geller, Edthena CEO

We believe teachers are the biggest lever for impact on student learning.
- Adam Geller, Edthena Founder

Are you ready to explore how Edthena can help evolve teacher training for your district?

We believe strongly that technology can and should eliminate the barriers to effective teaching and curriculum implementation, while promoting a culture of growth and collaboration across classrooms.

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