3 “Keepers” From This Year: Video Coaching, Collaboration, & Self-Care (eSchool News)

For many reasons, the past year of teaching and coaching was tricky.

In this eSchool News article, two learning coaches from St. Vrain Valley Schools (Longmont, CO) reflected on the challenges: “We acknowledge we are teaching in a pandemic, yet we still need to move students forward and continue to help them grow.”

But, there have been lessons learned and best practices solidified.

Learning coaches Violet Christensen and Courtney Groskin outlined three key areas to invest coaching efforts moving forward, pandemic or not.

These three best practices “will continue to go a long way in supporting the ongoing success and well-being of teachers.”

Here are the “keepers” from pandemic teaching:

When we step back and think about the major shifts in educators’ practice during the pandemic, one thing that stands out the most is the normalization of video.

More than a year ago when we would ask educators to submit a video clip of their classroom or teaching, it brought up a lot of angst or trepidation. But, now teachers are more than willing to capture video – it has become a part of their everyday life.

This is where the tool Edthena has become invaluable in helping elevate our educators’ practice.

  • Collaboration

Another major shift during the pandemic is how students or colleagues collaborate in different spaces while working to keep engagement and rigor high.

We have been using Jamboard to “jam out” with educators for strategic reflection in various ways ever since we found this gem. We have an Inter-District Coaching Collaborative where coaches are able to come together to reflect, refine, and elevate their practices.

  • Self-care

Self-care is not just a trendy word, it is truly vital for educators to be able to sustain the work they are doing. This has become evidently clear as we are in the middle of an ultra-marathon when it comes to teaching.

Many educators push off self-care, although it is a transformative experience and should be prioritized, both now and post pandemic. Think of the innovation that could happen in education if we continue to make self-care a priority.

Read the full details about each of the coaching best practices at eSchool News: 3 “keepers” from teaching in a pandemic

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