Do Your Teachers Know What Good Teaching Looks Like? (eSchool News)

When teachers want to improve their practice but are busy all day, how can they see what effective teaching looks like in other classrooms and schools in their district?

The answer: Video libraries.

This eSchool News article, from Edthena founder and CEO Adam Geller, names four important ways video libraries help school districts share their best practices across buildings.

The highlights:

  • Teaching video libraries tap districts’ existing expertise
  • District video libraries help develop teachers’ professional vision
  • Teaching video libraries provide teachers with on-demand support
  • Teaching video libraries are a sustainable investment

Video libraries especially support teacher growth over the long run.

Once videos are added to your teaching video library, teachers can access those videos for years to come. Good teaching is good teaching, regardless of when it took place.

Read the full article at eSchool News: Do your teachers know what good teaching looks like?

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