How Artificial Intelligence Helps Coaches Provide More Coaching for Teachers (via District Administration)

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Coaching for teachers “is a powerful process.”

That’s how Courtney Groskin, an instructional learning coach with St. Vrain Valley School District in Longmont, Colo, recently described effective coaching to District Administration.

But effective coaching doesn’t just happen. Though she has over 20 years of experience in education, Courtney Groskin reflected,

Just like teachers are always working to improve, I’m always looking for ways to elevate my own coaching practice. This led me to artificial intelligence for instructional coaching.

In this District Administration article, the instructional coach shared how AI Coach by Edthena helped her provide “more coaching for teachers.”

Read the full article at District Administration: How artificial intelligence helps me provide more coaching for teachers

Keep reading for highlights of how AI coaching enabled Courtney to deliver more instructional coaching.

AI coaching supports coaching for teachers

How does AI Coach by Edthena work?

Courtney described how the AI Coach platform guided teachers she worked with:

“The platform guides teachers through self-directed coaching cycles focused on specific areas of instructional practices, such as managing student behavior or strengthening positive teacher-student relationships.

During the cycle, teachers reflect on video footage of their classroom teaching and develop goals for improvement, all while receiving tips for how to observe themselves from a virtual coach.”

The four phases of the AI Coach Coaching Cycle are: Analyze, Reflect, Enact, and Impact.

How does AI coaching fit in with ongoing instructional coaching?

The self-directed coaching cycle pairs with existing in-person coaching cycles.

Courtney said, “After I leave an in-person visit, it’s so easy for teachers to let their goals fall to the wayside with everything on their plates. I see how this platform will support teachers to keep their goals at the forefront of their professional learning.”

It also allows them to continue to work toward those goals in between our in-person coaching sessions. The data gathered by teachers as part of this process will be valuable for building a portfolio of their professional growth throughout the year, too.”

By providing self-driven coaching for teachers in-between existing instructional coaching conversations, the AI Coach platform helped Courtney support her teachers more.

How can coaches use AI coaching to improve their own practice? 

One effective coaching technique is to model best practices for a teacher. Courtney tested out AI Coach for her own professional growth by uploading a video of herself modeling a lesson for a new teacher.

She decided to focus on the skill of student-to-teacher talk ratio.

In the AI Coach platform, “the AI-driven coach gave me questions to think about as I watched my video and added comments: Was I doing the majority of the talking during the model lesson? Was I giving students enough time to converse and have their voices heard?

The AI-powered coach prompted me to reflect on these comments and my overall instructional practice as I devised a concrete plan for improvement.”

By improving her own model teaching skills, Courtney was able to better support the new teacher working on the same.

Strengthen instructional coaching for teachers with AI

Providing enough instructional coaching for teachers is hard work and time-consuming. Courtney Groskin knows coaching with AI helps teacher professional development.

One of my mantras is “everyone needs a coach,” and AI coaching enables more coaching to take place, which is a benefit to all.

Read the full article at District Administration: How artificial intelligence helps me provide more coaching for teachers

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