AI for Teachers (AI Business)

There are many AI applications to use in the classroom with students, but how can AI for teachers help the educators themselves?

The Edthena AI Coach platform is being called “the AI solution to coach teachers.” This article from AI Business, a platform dedicated to artificial intelligence and its real-world applications, named how the AI Coach platform will transform teachers’ professional learning.

The AI Coach platform guides teachers through coaching cycles aligned to common growth areas.

While working inside the AI Coach platform, teachers have a conversation with Edie, their virtual coach. Edie asks teachers about their professional goals, and then teachers analyze and reflect on videos of their classroom instruction by adding time-stamped comments.

Edie summarizes evidence found during video analysis and develops action plans to increase teachers’ impact with their students. As part of their conversation with Edie, teachers develop a short-term goal, identify a strategy for change and commit to a timeline for implementation.

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