What Teachers Tell Us About Their Experience with Video Coaching (Part 2 of 2)

A little over a year ago, we started a new blog series called Teacher Voices.

Teacher Voices was our way of connecting with the teachers who use Edthena in their classrooms to learn more about how video has impacted their practice.

It’s been a remarkable experience, speaking with teachers all over the country. One we’re excited to share with our readers!

Last week, we sent out the first of two compilation videos we put together that highlight some of our favorite Teacher Voices moments. This week we wanted to share our second.

Some of the more impactful things we’ve heard were from teachers like Katie Volkmar. Katie is a high school teacher in Erie, Colorado. She told us “I was a little nervous about being on camera, and having to cringe at hearing the sound of my voice. But what I found was that video ultimately acted like another set of eyes in the room. When I go back and watch the video, you don’t realize. Oh, these two students were being so productive!”

Likewise, Neal McDonald from Nashville, Tennessee, spoke with us about how Edthena changed the way he thought about his development as a teacher.

“Every single day we ask our students to try a new process or a new way of doing something,” he said. “I think as educators we should lead by example. Video provides a way to do that. Just jump in and do it!”

Laurel Urquidi, a fourth grade teacher also based in Colorado, described how using Edthena defied her expectations around what using video would be like.

She thought seeing herself on video would be uncomfortable, and that uploading and recording videos would be too time-consuming.

“Using the platform for the first time with my induction coach, I loved the tools for reflection,” Laurel said. “Uploading the video didn’t take any time at all…But the big ‘aha’ moment for me was when I was able to catch a side-comment from one of my students in my video. It let me know what I needed to go back and re-teach.”

If you’re a teacher who’s interested in participating in Teacher Voices, let us know. We’d love to learn more about how you’re using Edthena.

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