Using Video to Enhance Coaching Practices in St. Vrain Valley Schools

David Baker is an instructional learning coach for the St. Vrain Valley School District in Colorado.

We connected with David to discuss how the use of video with teachers has expanded at St. Vrain and how video coaching has impacted his own work as an instructional coach.

David and his colleagues began using Edthena three years ago with a pilot group of novice teachers in their Induction Program.

“That first year we were really just experimenting and learning what the tool can do,” David said. “We were like, ‘Well, how will this tool really work?’”

Now David and his team use video reflection with teachers across a spectrum of specialty areas and experience levels.

David described, “We have special educators using it. We have schools using it for building-level professional learning. We’re using it in a variety of ways and that’s been really exciting.”

In addition to using Edthena to facilitate teacher professional development, David and his colleagues have started using Edthena to reflect on and improve their own work as coaches.

“What we did is we started recording ourselves as we were coaching. And we watched each other as coaches,” said David. “It’s great. I can record myself, watch myself coach and think about what was my intent? Am I meeting that intent? Did I help move that person’s thinking?”

David said that being able to improve alongside his teachers has been illuminating.

“I love it. Really, just enjoy it. It’s given me a new perspective on how I do my work because it’s allowed me to see me.”

Watch our full-interview with David above, and read a Partner Profile of St. Vrain Valley Schools here.

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