Add These to Your Edtech Wishlist: Tools for More Effective Video Observations

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For the past 10 years, Edthena has been making video observations easier and more effective for coaches and school leaders.

We’re constantly growing and changing⁠—when we first launched, you could record video and write comments. In the decade since, we’ve added so much more.

Wondering how to make your support for teachers with video observations more effective? We’ve rounded up all our features for you.

Here are examples of enhancements we’ve made to our platform over the years, based on feedback from partners.

Unlock Teacher Data for Better Coaching and Support

What can Group Stats data from video observations tell you? Plenty about how to better target teacher support.

Build a Teaching Video Library

If you want your teachers to see great teaching, build your own districtwide library of video observations.

Make Teacher Feedback More Concrete and Actionable

Edthena’s Leveled Indicators help you measure teacher improvement, and turn feedback into actionable next steps for more growth.

Blur Parts of Videos

Sometimes teachers need to cover parts of videos for privacy concerns. Edthena makes it easy with drag-and-drop tools.

Issuing Micro-Credentials

Teacher learning and improvement are valuable and teachers should be recognized. That’s easy with micro-credentials.


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