Rural K-12 Leaders Need More Teachers But Rural Teachers Need More Support (District Administration)

All teachers need support, and the Arkansas Teacher Corps is making sure its rural teachers get just that.

In addition to offering alternative certification for teaching staff, the program uses Edthena to help teachers receive and implement feedback for stronger instruction.

The Teaching Corps, which is run by the University of Arkansas, makes heavy use of video so its teaching candidates can film themselves in class and get feedback from their coaches.

“The relationship our teachers form with their coaches are some of the most important relationships I’ve seen,” [Director of Teacher Development] Hetherington says. “The coach is a person who’s assigned to them to help problem-solve and think through how to create a better set of outcomes for kids.”  

Read the full article at District Administration: Rural K-12 leaders need more teachers but rural teachers need more support

Looking for more about supporting rural teachers? Consider setting a teacher coaching vision.

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