Jim Knight: Trust is Integral to Quality Video Coaching (Part 3 of 3)

Jim Knight University of KansasWhat’s key to quality video coaching? Teachers will trust their coach when they know their coach has their best interests at heart, according to Jim Knight.

In the third and final installment of our interview, Jim outlines why trust is critical to implementing a quality video coaching process successfully within an organization.

“If somebody doesn’t want to use video,” Jim says. “It’s probably not about the camera. It’s probably about the absence of trust.”

Jim is a well-known author among K-12 educators. His new book is called Better Conversations and his prior book (also on our recommended reading list) is Focus on Teaching: Using Video for High-Impact Instruction.

In addition to being known as an author about video coaching and classroom observation, Jim is a research associate in the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning and director of the Kansas Coaching Project.

Check out part 1 of our interview with Jim Knight here. And click here to watch part 2.

Why Trust is Integral to Quality Video Coaching

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