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AI Coach

Professional learning at your own pace

Access a coach who's ready to meet when it's convenient for you

Teachers' schedules are busy. AI Coach by Edthena is available to meet during your planning period or after school or anytime you're able to continue the conversation.

With AI Coach, you'll have a guide-on-the-side who empowers you to examine your practice, set near-term goals, and develop a action plan for change. Plus, you get PD clock hours for your efforts.

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Video Coaching

Classroom videos make student learning visible

Interested in Visible Learning in your classroom? Video makes it easier

John Hattie's work encourages teachers to anchor their self-assessments against evidence of student learning.

Using Edthena Video Coaching tools opens a new window into what's happening inside classrooms. With recorded videos and collaboration tools, you have the ability to revisit moments from teaching to determine the learning taking place.

Video Coaching

Track your next-step goals

Quickly turn feedback into clear professional goals

Making a decision to change or try something new is just as important as the work of analyzing classroom teaching and learning.

Edthena enables teachers to set and manage their next-step goals directly within the platform. And at the end of the year, you'll have a personalized professional learning report that you can utilize to show others your hard work.

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AI Coach

Define your coaching priorities

Teachers choose their own goal areas for exploration

Teachers deserve the opportunity to identify their own professional growth areas based on what's happening within their classrooms.

AI Coach by Edthena adjusts to teachers' needs and offers curated content and advice based on what you say is important to you during each coaching cycle. Content is regularly updated to ensure the recommendations stay fresh and relevant for you.

Video Library

Binge-watch good teaching

See examples of classroom practice... featuring teachers from across your district

Forget scouring YouTube and welcome to your district’s secure video library of model teaching videos.

Edthena makes it possible for districts to build and host a private video library that is available to all teachers across the district, accessed securely using their district emails.

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Privacy & Security

Your privacy is our priority

Everything defaults to private, and you choose when to share

Teachers deserve the agency to decide who sees the information they collect during professional learning.

Edthena offers a safe place to discuss classroom practice with your coaches and colleagues. No one can access teachers' videos until they are shared by the teacher.

Get clear, objective evidence about your teaching

Watching yourself on video can seem difficult at first. Listen to teachers who've discovered that using Edthena feels safe and effective.
It's so powerful to be able to learn from yourself. Annissa
Elementary Teacher
Confidentiality is very important to teachers and that feature in Edthena helps to advance the teachers' learning. Delrose
Instructional Coach
We want to put teachers in the driver’s seat of their professional learning.

Are you ready to explore how Edthena can help you improve teacher PD in your school?

We believe strongly that technology can and should eliminate the barriers to effective teaching and curriculum implementation, while promoting a culture of growth and collaboration across classrooms.

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