The Potential of AI for Education (via Getting Smart)

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AI for education — its uses, implications, and potential — has been a hot topic of conversation recently. And as an article in Getting Smart pointed out,

AI already does and will continue to impact education.

So if you’re an educator, instructional coach, or school leader, what does this mean you should know when it comes to artificial intelligence? There are both promising potential uses and anticipated challenges to be aware of.

Keep reading for some of our favorite potential uses of AI for education after reading this Getting Smart article.

Potential uses of AI for education

  • Access. Hundreds of millions of learners of all ages do not have access to quality education. Sophisticated AI tutors, built into simple and affordable platforms, can solve this challenge for those who have access to mobile devices.
  • Purpose. Through more efficiency in the learning process, and more personalization, more energy in learning spaces can be focused on purpose-driven work.
  • Coaching. Every educator (and possibly every human being) can benefit from a great coach. AIChat could provide that for teachers. Building on the solution introduced by Edthena last year, personalized coaching could be readily available for every educator.  When schools lack coaches to support teachers, relying on virtual coaches helps all educators to receive feedback, to interact with a coach and build professional skills in an authentic way.

For all of the potential uses, as well as challenges to be aware of and what you can do to take action toward using AI tools, check out the full article at Getting Smart: Education is about to radically change: AI for the masses

Want to test drive AI Coach by Edthena yourself and see what AI can do for teacher professional development? Try out the platform here.

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