Just like Bullet Trains, We’re Constantly Monitoring Reliability and Speed (of Video Uploads)

shinkansen bullet train

There’s a striking similarity between Japan’s bullet trains and the Edthena Video Tool: they’re both known for being reliable and fast.

And just like Japan Railways publishes punctuality reports, we think it’s important to share updates on how our tools are performing.

Video Upload Reliability

Video coaching can’t happen if the videos aren’t online. In order for teachers to enjoy the coaching experience, the experience of getting the videos online must itself be easy and reliable.

We invest a lot of resources in our Video Tool to ensure that all of our users — no matter their level of technical ability — can upload video with ease.

As a result we closely track statistics about success rates for uploading videos and, in particular, the success rate on the first attempt to compress and upload the video.

Across all our users, and all their cameras, all different file types, and all lengths of videos, we have a success rate of greater than 99% on the first attempt to upload a video.

This level of reliability is why we remain confident that when users try to upload a video with Edthena, they’ll say it “just works.”

Video Upload Speed

Upload reliability goes hand-in-hand with the time required to complete the upload. 

In a world where everything feels instant and on-demand, everyone wants instant video uploads, too!

But the reality is that videos recorded from devices like cell phones and point-and-shoot cameras are big. Really big, in fact. And available upload bandwidth is still relatively limited.

As an example, a 20-minute video shot in HD would be about 2.6 Gb and take about 33 minutes to upload on an average connection.

To help reduce the time needed for uploading, our Video Tool automatically compresses videos. It’s a drag-and-drop process that saves our users a ton of time. After all, smaller files take less time to upload.

On newer computers, our average time to compress and upload a video is only 54% of the video length.

This means that same 20-minute video is only taking our users about 11 minutes to compress and upload with the Edthena Video Tool!
edthena video tool upload time

This isn’t quite instant upload, but we hope you’ll agree this is pretty darn fast.

Published Data

As a company that focuses using video as a tool for teacher improvement, we believe the process of getting videos online is as important as the tools for collaborating online.

This is why we track these statistics and why we believe it’s important to talk about our data publicly.


photo credit: hans-johnson JR WEST W7 Series_W10 via photopin (license)

Note: We used the average upload bandwidth of 10.6 Mbps as published on SpeedTest.net for Indianapolis, Ind., to calculate the expected time for a 20 minute uncompressed video. We’ve used Indianapolis in our prior analyses. The 54% statistic is calculated for users on computers with eight cores. For users with four cores, the average time to compress and upload is 78% of the video run time, which means the same 20 minute video would only take 16 minutes to compress and upload

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