This Teacher Plans to Use Video as a Reflection Tool for the Rest of His Career

“I used Edthena initially as a self-evaluation tool,” said Josh Law, an eighth grade science teacher in Denver, Colorado. “To check the tone of my voice, check my body language, and watch the interactions I have with students. It’s a great tool for this purpose. In fact through video right away I recognized certain aspects of my teaching that I wanted to change. For instance, I found that I pull out the ‘big dad’ voice too often. While that can be an effective way of getting attention in class, sometimes that can be a little bit too harsh.”

When we spoke with Josh, he was using Edthena as part of CU Denver’s alternative licensure program, ASPIRE.

Josh said he appreciated the ways Edthena allowed him to effectively reflect on his own practice. He also used Edthena with his coaches and his peers.

“One aspect of the platform I grew to like was how my coach and my peers were able to interact with my videos. We could have deep, meaningful conversations about specific moments or points in my teaching. And Edthena lets you know where exactly in your video that conversation is taking place,” he said.

“It’s also a great tool in regards to the students,” Josh said. “Because it doesn’t change their experience in the classroom. When a principal walks in to a room, kids will clam up, not say things. They don’t engage as they normally would. Edthena allows me to capture what my classroom environment is really like.”

In time, video became crucial for Josh – so much so that he wants to continue using Edthena even after he graduates from ASPIRE.

“I want to see growth in my next year. I want to see improvements to my body language. When I look at my videos next year, and then the year after that, I want to be able to point to evidence around how I’ve grown, both as a teacher and as a person.”

Josh’s interview is the latest in our Teacher Voices series. To watch the previous installment of Teacher Voices, click here.

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