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In a recent article, Edutopia explored the potential of AI in revolutionizing teaching practices particularly through the lens of AI-powered instructional coaching. This innovative approach to professional learning is changing how educators refine their skills and teaching practices.

Unlike traditional coaching, which often relies on external feedback, AI coaching provides a unique, introspective avenue for professional growth. This technology enables educators to record their classroom sessions and receive support from AI-enabled tools.

The article discusses how two instructional coaches use two different tools, TeachFX and Edthena’s AI Coach platform to enhance their professional skills.

The two tools differ in their approach to coaching teachers.

AI Coach by Edthena relies on classroom video recordings and facilitates non-directive, self-paced, question-based reflection. By analyzing their own recorded sessions, teachers engage in self-reflection, a critical skill for continuous professional improvement. This process encourages educators to become active participants in their professional development journey.

AI Coach by Edthena

Empower teachers to take charge of their professional learning.

Harness the power of AI coaching to enhance professional learning, boost teacher retention, and improve student outcomes.

TeachFX relies on audio recordings and provides teachers with an analysis of the uploaded recording in about one day. TeachFX is programmed to analyze various aspects of teaching, such as instructional strategies, student engagement, and the teacher’s use of language and questions.

According to Edutopia, AI coaching represents a significant leap forward in educational technology, offering a unique blend of personalization, convenience, and objectivity. These tools empower teachers to take charge of their professional development, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in teaching practices.

Both of the coaches have seen improvements after using AI-driven coaching in their schools.

According to the article, nearly all of Courtney Groskin’s teachers who engage with Edthena’s AI Coach experience some improvement, such as reducing off-task behavior or increasing student engagement.

“They’ve completely changed the way they deliver lessons once they have the chance to watch themselves and think, ‘Oh, I’m talking too much. I’m losing all the kids in my class.’”  Groskin has seen teachers who use AI Coach—including those who were once skeptical—become more excited to engage in the coaching process.

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Improving Your Teaching With an AI Coach

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