Edthena’s turning the big 1-0!

It’s our 10th birthday and Edthena founder and CEO Adam Geller has a message for all our supporters! Watch the 2-minute video or read the transcript below.

Hi, I’m Adam Geller, founder and CEO of Edthena. I remember being a first-year science teacher who wanted to be the best he could be for his students. But there was no one with science expertise who could come to my classroom and let me know- was I doing a good job or a bad job.

It turns out I wasn’t alone in feeling unsupported. Teachers routinely say they wish they had more feedback and support. The thing holding us all back is that it’s really hard to have the right person in the right place at the right time.

That’s why, in 2011, I started Edthena, to help streamline feedback to teachers using recorded classroom video and online collaboration tools. As we reflect on our decade of innovation here at Edthena, it’s really exciting to see how we have been able to work with teachers in our own backyard as well as across the world.

And as we prepare for the decade ahead we remain very excited for what’s to come. Stay tuned for more announcements about what we’re thinking about for the next decade of innovation.

And by the way thank you from our entire team to all of our partners and our supporters who have helped us reach this important milestone. Without you we wouldn’t have made it to where we are along this journey. Here’s to 10 years.

For more about us, visit our website. Or, drop a note wishing us a happy birthday: [email protected]

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