Enhancing Teaching Skills: Study Reveals the Impact of Edthena Video Coaching (via Nature)

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Preservice teachers enhanced their teaching competencies in 11 of 14 categories using Edthena’s Video Coaching platform. This data comes from an independent study published in Nature’s “Humanities and Social Sciences Communications.”

The study, conducted in the context of the Saudi National Professional Teaching Standards, used semi-structured interviews and thematic analysis to understand the experiences and perceptions of preservice teachers.

Key takeaways include:

  • Preservice teachers using Edthena’s Video Coaching platform to power self-reflection and video learning communities improved their teaching practice in 11 of 14 competencies.
  • Personalized learning through self-reflection and self-analysis enhanced preservice teacher training without additional intervention.
  • Self-recorded videos influenced the micro-teaching experience and helped educators identify development gaps, analyze strengths and weaknesses, and reflect upon them.
  • Preservice teachers had positive views of using self-recorded videos to improve their competencies via self-reflection and video learning communities.

Read the full article below.

Nature: Preservice teachers’ experiences of observing their teaching competencies via self-recorded videos in a personalized learning environment


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