How Edthena is Prioritizing User Privacy

We’ve operated Edthena for five full academic years. In this time, we’ve focused on creating the most trusted set of tools to support teacher professional development.

Trusted because our technology is reliable. Trusted because we deliver on our promises. Trusted because we fairly treat our users and their data.

As we head into our sixth year, we’ve updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to more clearly reflect our business practices that helped earn the trust of so many educators.

We have updated our Privacy Policy to better inform our users about the steps we have taken to improve and enhance data privacy protections, including:Edthena is FERPA compliant and a signatory of Student Privacy Pledge

  • Our treatment of Student Data as confidential and the steps we take to protect it
  • Our compliance with FERPA and COPPA
  • How we will not use certain data for advertising purposes
  • Increased protections for user data in the event of a corporate transaction like a merger
  • A binding promise not to update any privacy terms that relate to Student Data without first providing notice to our users

In coordination with this, we are happy to announce that we are signatories of the Student Privacy Pledge.

It is our sincere hope that these changes will help us lead the way for our company, our users, and other ed tech companies when it comes to doing what’s right with the data entrusted to us.

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