Artificial Intelligence in Education (Via EdWeek)

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EdWeek recently published a Spotlight on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in education, featuring news and insights on how AI is impacting and transforming education. The reporting highlights the necessity for teachers to integrate AI into their teaching methods.

Additionally, underscored throughout the reporting is the need for educational systems and policymakers to adapt to the rapid advancements in AI technology, ensuring that both teachers and students are equipped with the necessary skills to thrive in the evolving digital landscape.

From the article:

If teaching with and about AI is not part of states’ standards, it just becomes something that’s “nice to have,” which means it won’t come with funding and support, and schools will have to figure out how to prioritize it against a million other requirements, said Adam Geller, the founder and CEO of Edthena.

Check out the full report from EdWeek here (gated content).

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