Using AI for Self-Reflection and Professional Growth (Via Digital Learning Today Podcast)

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The Digital Learning Today podcast recently welcomed founder and CEO of Edthena, Adam Geller to discuss how AI can be used for self-evaluation by staff members in the classroom.

They discuss:

  • The emergence of AI in education
  • How AI can support teacher professional learning
  • How the AI Coach platform works/supports teachers and coaches
  • Should AI Coach replace in-person coaching?

Click below to listen or keep reading for key takeaways:

Key takeaways

Personalizing professional learning with AI

The discussion highlighted how AI Coach enables personalized learning experiences for teachers by allowing them to record their teaching sessions, analyze them with the help of AI, and receive feedback that is directly applicable to their practice. This process empowers teachers to improve based on their needs and classroom dynamics.

Addressing scalability and access challenges

Jeff and Adam discussed the challenges schools face in providing consistent professional development due to limited coaching resources. AI Coach addresses these challenges by offering a scalable and accessible platform that supports teacher growth regardless of the number of available human coaches.

Integrating AI with in-person coaching

The conversation covers how AI Coach complements in-person coaching methods rather than replacing them. It acts as a force multiplier, enhancing the frequency and quality of feedback teachers receive, which is crucial for their professional growth.

Ensuring privacy and secure data handling

Adam emphasized the importance of privacy in using AI tools in education. He assures that data collected through the AI Coach platform is private and securely handled, with teachers having full control over their information, which aligns with district policies and respects teacher autonomy.

These concepts underscore the potential of AI in enhancing teacher professional development by making it more personalized, scalable, and supportive while ensuring privacy and data security.

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