Empowering Educators: Inside the AI Coaching Model at Honors Academy

Big Ideas in Education - Innovating Education with Literature and AI with Dr. Andi Morency

The Big Ideas in Education podcast recently welcomed Dr. Andi Morency, the Executive Director and Principal of the Honors Academy of Literature charter school in Reno, Nevada.

They discuss the school’s AI-driven professional development model, which leverages Edthena’s AI Coach and Video Coaching platforms to enhance teacher growth and student outcomes. They also dive into her school’s unique approach to integrating evidence-based practices and literature into their curriculum.

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Key takeaways

  • The school struggled to find time and staff to provide in-person coaching for teachers.
  • Using Edthena’s AI Coach and Video Coaching platforms the school can now provide three AI-assisted coaching cycles annually.
  • Teachers record and upload their teaching sessions to AI Coach, where cognitive coaching prompts critical reflection and identification of focus areas for improvement. A second video is uploaded for peer review on the Video Coach platform, facilitating constructive feedback from colleagues.
  • This tech-enabled approach enhances collaboration and overcomes the logistical challenge of needing multiple substitutes for in-person observations.
  • The entire process aligns with the school’s tailored evaluation framework, promoting ongoing professional development.

Key quotes

Below, Andi describes the school’s AI-driven professional development model and how it supports three complete coaching cycles each school year.

Below, Andi discusses how the AI Coach platform helps teachers refine their teaching strategies and suggests curated resources to help implement them.

Learn more about AI Coach and Video Coaching

At the Honors Academy of Literature charter school, administrators have deployed AI Coach and Video Coach to help refine teaching strategies, enhance collaboration, and access resources to improve teacher skills. The coaching cycles align with the school’s customized evaluation framework and support continuous professional growth.

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