AI Coaching and the Future of AI in Education (via C3 Podcast)

In an interview with the C3 (Connecting, Coaches, Cognition) podcast, founder and CEO of Edthena Adam Geller discussed the innovative concept and the future of AI coaching, a cornerstone of Edthena’s approach.

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He explained that AI Coach by Edthena, acts more like a facilitative guide than a directive coach, empowering educators to reflect and grow professionally on their own terms. By facilitating deeper self-reflection of classroom teaching, AI Coach empowers teachers to observe and analyze their own practices.

Adam shared how even veteran teachers are transforming their teaching practice with AI coaching.

Key takeaways from the podcast include:

  • AI Coach excels at providing non-directive, question-based analysis that fosters self-reflection and professional growth in educators.
  • The unbiased nature of AI Coach provides a safe space for teachers to explore and improve their teaching methods.
  • Unlike traditional coaching educators can control the pace and focus of their professional development with AI coaching.
  • AI Coach respects teachers as professional learners and gives them agency in their professional development journey.

Adam’s insights reveal a future where AI in education goes beyond mere administrative support, venturing into subject-specific, pedagogically sound, respectful, and effective professional development.

He added that as AI Coach continues to evolve, it promises to bring tailored, impactful, and teacher-centric growth opportunities, reshaping how educators approach their own learning and effectiveness in the classroom.

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