Using Artificial Intelligence in Teacher Professional Development (Charter School Superstars)

Hard to imagine what using artificial intelligence in teacher professional development could mean?

On this episode of the Charter Schools Superstars podcast, Edthena founder and CEO Adam Geller broke down what AI can do and what’s science fiction.

In fact, artificial intelligence is already all around us in our daily lives. But how can using AI in professional learning and development help support educators?

Watch the 20-minute podcast episode above for insights into how a tool like the AI Coach platform supplements existing teacher coaching and PD. For highlights of the conversation, continue reading.

Or, check out the AI Coach platform for yourself — sign up for a free trial now.

Adaptive learning drives teacher professional development

Artificial intelligence cannot watch a recording of classroom teaching and tell a teacher what they should do, nor do educators want that.

Rather, Adam clarified, “[AI Coach] brings the right resources at the right time to teachers as learners, adapting and adjusting to their individualized needs.”

The computerized, virtual coach inside the coaching platform guides teachers to do the thinking and reflection work needed to drive their professional development. Edie, the virtual coach, asks open-ended questions and provides customized observation tips and curated resources, all enabling teachers’ classroom goal-setting.

AI supplements existing educator collaboration

So is artificial intelligence replacing instructional coaches’ and school leaders’ work supporting teachers?

Definitely not.

The AI Coach coaching process can act as a supplement in-between coaching observations and conversations. Especially for coaches stretched thin, the AI tool provides additional (and differentiated!) teacher professional development.

Curious what an AI coaching cycle consists of? Jump to 14:35 in the video above to hear about the four phases of the PD cycle.

Professional development for educators

AI Coach by Edthena is using artificial intelligence to address one of teachers’ and school leaders’ greatest needs: quality teacher professional development.

Check it out yourself by clicking here for a free trial!

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