Video Coaching

Coaching-as-a-service with turnkey technology

Scale your expertise and reach by coaching district educators using Edthena

You can reach more teachers through coaching with a video-powered process.

Transition some or all of your classroom visits into virtual ones. Reduce your costs while maintaining targeted feedback to teachers.

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Video Library

Help districts build a video library to scale-up best practices

Amplify "what works" by building a library of videos aligned to districts' curriculum and professional standards

District and school-level change requires a shared professional vision and shared definitions of exactly what “good teaching” will look like.

Edthena makes it possible for districts to build and host a private video library that becomes available to all teachers across the district, accessed securely using their district emails.

Video Coaching

Build district capacity that sustains over time

Build a repeatable system for districts that works even after you're gone

Districts often engage consultants for short periods to aid with strategic program design.

Deliver a repeatable process that's tailored to your district's desires. Help districts build the templates for learning modules that can be replicated easily over time.

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Video Coaching

Action-oriented PD pathways

Micro-credentials empower teachers to earn credit using evidence

Districts are exploring micro-credential experiences to offer their educators more opportunities for independent learning.

Edthena Video Coaching makes it easy to build micro-credentials into a district's existing professional development process. Integrating micro-credentials alongside video coaching means that educators get both benefits in one platform.

Video Coaching

Reliable recording and uploading from any device

Your district partners need solutions from you that "just work"

If teachers can't get their videos online, the rest of your video-powered process doesn't matter.

You can depend on Edthena when you're using our tools with your district partners. We'll back that up with data -- Educators using Edthena have greater than 99% success rate on the first try across all device types and all quality of internet.

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A platform for transformative teacher PD

From districts in Florida to organizations in India, Edthena partners all echo the same message: video is a game-changer.

Video can dramatically accelerate professional learning in schools.Sandeep
School Improvement Coach, Learning Forward India
The video acted like another set of eyes in the room. Katie
High School Teacher
Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.
- Misty Copeland

Are you ready to explore how Edthena helps you offer better services to your clients?

We believe strongly that technology can and should eliminate the barriers to effective teaching and curriculum implementation, while promoting a culture of growth and collaboration across classrooms.

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