Using AI to Support Teacher Development (Longmont Leader)

How is one of the most innovative school districts in the country supporting teacher development?

With artificial intelligence.

Recently featured in the Longmont Leader, St. Vrain Valley School District (CO) is one of the first districts in the nation that will use artificial intelligence-driven coaching to support teacher professional development this upcoming school year.

St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD) piloted AI Coach by Edthena this past spring and found it so helpful that leaders are enthusiastic to continue usage this fall.

AI-driven coaching support for teacher development

The innovative technology utilizes a virtual, computerized coach named Edie to supplement the district’s existing observation and feedback models.

Diane Lauer, Assistant Superintendent of Priority Programs and Academic Support, was excited about the potential of the AI Coach platform to help teachers self-reflect and improve their own teaching.

“It’s really great to see yourself with your own eyes and get some feedback,” she said.

The Longmont Leader article noted how the AI Coach platform supports teacher development: “The process enables St. Vrain teachers to receive the benefits of coaching when they’re learning independently, between person-to-person coaching and mentoring conversations.”

“What we’ve found is that the more cycles of reflection that you go through, you’re really accelerating your growth,” Diane Lauer added. “Every time you go through that feedback loop of watching yourself, getting feedback and changing, you grow.”

“Teachers in the pilot told me this was a powerful learning tool to help them pause and reflect on their practices as they work toward their learning goals,” David Baker, SVVSD Professional Development Coordinator, also remarked.

With many schools bringing aboard new teachers this fall, Diane Lauer noted, “The program will be especially helpful for people new to the field to get feedback and improve quickly.”

Read the full details about how SVVSD is using artificial intelligence to support teacher development at The Longmont Leader: St. Vrain will use AI to help support teacher development

Learn more about AI Coach by Edthena here.

Want to try it out for yourself? Sign up for AI Coach access here.

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