AI Coach

On-demand, personalized coaching

Teachers identify their professional priorities, and the AI Coach platform offers expert advice

Teachers' professional growth areas vary from classroom to classroom.

AI Coach by Edthena adjusts to teachers' needs and offers curated content and advice based on what they say is important during each coaching cycle. Content is regularly updated to ensure the recommendations stay fresh and relevant.

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Video Coaching

Teacher-leader pathways for continuous growth

Enable your teachers to undertake rich, evidence-based professional learning

Teachers' learning needs are varied: some might be focused on National Board Certification, while others are interested in cross-classroom alignment for students.

Edthena Video Coaching is a single platform that can support a variety of professional learning styles. For the different types of learning, Edthena helps stay grounded in the practice of analyzing actual classroom teaching.

AI Coach

Overcoming resistance to coaching

Some teachers may not be comfortable opening their classrooms to others

There are many reasons that teachers may not be ready to invite you in for a coaching conversation.

AI Coach by Edthena offers teachers the benefit of a private coach with whom they can share an assessment of their teaching, develop a near-term goal, and set an action plan for change. Plus, teachers earn PD clock hours for completing coaching cycles.

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Video Coaching

Want easier principal walkthroughs?

Virtual classroom walkthroughs empower teachers and free your schedule

In a Virtual Walkthrough, a school leader can do pop-in observations for all teachers with much more ease. Teachers upload a full-length lesson to Edthena, and then the observers focus on the segments they desire.

Edthena Video Coaching makes it easier to observe more instruction around your building and provide concrete feedback to teachers, too.

Video Coaching

Data-driven professional learning

Move from "feeling" that teachers are improving to "knowing" based on data

Analyzing data is familiar work for instructional coaches and school leaders. But searching for and compiling all that data is a chore.

Edthena Video Coaching turns the feedback you leave on instructional videos inside the platform into data designed to help you strategically invest your time. Personalized dashboards at the teacher-, team-, and school-level make it possible to prioritize your actions.

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Edthena is a training tool and a reflection tool

Teachers already have enough on their plate. Hear how real teachers find Edthena a convenient and easy way to learn and grow their practice.

Edthena really lets you step back and focus on what’s happening in your classroom from a different perspective. Courtney
Learning Coach
With feedback from my coach, I was able to not only focus on the positive aspects of my teaching, but also recognize specific areas where I can improve. Taylor
Math Teacher
It’s neither practical nor responsible for teachers’ learning to happen in real-time with students.

Are you ready to explore how Edthena can help you improve teacher PD in your school?

We believe strongly that technology can and should eliminate the barriers to effective teaching and curriculum implementation, while promoting a culture of growth and collaboration across classrooms.

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