Video Coaching

Practice-focused teacher education

Being practice-focused requires examining the actual teaching

Becoming a self-reflective practitioner requires skills honed during teacher education experiences.

Your candidates will learn to examine their own teaching starting in methods courses and continuing into the practicum experience. Faculty and supervisors can collaborate and align on feedback, too.

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Video Coaching

Increase candidate access to diverse classrooms

Virtual visits via video provide teachers an opportunity to experience diverse classrooms

Teacher candidates gain access to more diverse settings during field experiences by virtually observing their peers.

Help your teacher candidates build readiness for their full-time classrooms by helping them develop a broader understanding of students and settings during their training. Video observation enables access to new types of classrooms and contexts without driving a single extra mile.

Video Coaching

Anchor assignments to evidence of teaching

Integrate video experiences across the program experience

As the designers of teacher learning, faculty and supervisors need easy-to-use tools, too.

Edthena Explorations provide a fast and flexible way to launch learning modules that are linked to your program frameworks and standards. Explorations make it easy to capture a mix of qualitative and quantitative feedback to measure candidate growth.

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Video Coaching

edTPA® Task 2 without tears

The best video analysis tools for building edTPA portfolios

Completing edTPA is a critical step for many teacher candidates on the path to becoming a fully-certified teacher.

Assembling the artifacts, commentaries, and video clips in an organized way can be made less challenging with Edthena Video Coaching. Edthena is an approved edTPA Platform Provider and supports Local Evaluation as well as transfer to the edTPA platform for official scoring by trained and calibrated scorers.

Video Coaching

Data for program improvement and accreditation

Understand trends across your program to identify areas for growth

From key assessments to candidate portfolios to doing content analysis of comments, your program will have many ways to understand candidate growth.

Edthena Video Coaching generates robust data about your practice-focused teacher education experience. Use embedded dashboards and data exports to ensure alignment between your program's goals and program's reality as part of CAEP, AAQEP, and other accreditation processes.

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The technology is accessible and easy to learn

Using video to support teacher learning requires flexible technology that puts research into practice with the right tools. Hear from our teacher education partners who are finding that implementing the Edthena platform is easy and accessible for all.

Using video is a way for us to maintain reflective practice for anyone in urban locations to highly rural locations. Bryan Carter
Undergraduate Program Director, City University of Seattle
The video reflection process helps teacher candidates be more conscious of how they actually teach. This awareness allows them to tweak their instruction as needed to better serve and engage their students. John Henning
Dean, Monmouth University
Are you relying on evidence of practice or anecdotes of practice?

Are you ready to explore how Edthena can help you improve your teacher training?

We believe strongly that technology can and should eliminate the barriers to effective teaching and curriculum implementation, while promoting a culture of growth and collaboration across classrooms.

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